Trade Metals

Since the beginning of time, gold and silver had been identified as treasured, or even today, precious metals have their vicinity in a savvy investor's portfolio.

The fee of gold is decided through the marketplace 24 hours a day, almost seven days per week. Its charge is less stricken by the rules of supply and call for. This is due to the MT5 new mine components are significantly outnumbered by using the size of above-the-ground, hoarded gold. When gold above-the-floor is being offered, gold's rate drops. When they may be buying, the clean substances get absorbed.

Unlike gold, the charge of silver MT5 among its perceived role as a store of value and its very vital role as an industrial metal. For this motive, silver is some distance more unstable than gold.

Description" 1 lot size Swap value in points- Long Swap value in points- Short Swap value in pips (MT5rader)- Long Swap value in pips (MT5rader)- Short Used margin *** Platforms
XAUUSD 100 oz -6.38 0.065 -6.38 0.065 1% MT5
XAUEUR 100 oz -0.61 -3.11 -0.61 -3.11 1% MT5
XAGUSD 5000 oz -1.79 -0.35 -0.179 -0.035 1% MT5
XAGEUR 5000 oz -0.87 -2.72 -0.87 -2.72 1% MT5
XPDUSD 100 oz N/A N/A -23.7 -16.4 14% MT5
XPTUSD 100 oz N/A N/A -23.3 -23.5 14% MT5

Available from Monday 01:00 to Friday 24:00 with a daily trading break from 00:00 until 01:00. We use New York time zone for DST.

Margins on Metals

Margins on Gold (XAUUSD) and silver (XAGUSD) depend on your account leverage. Gold leverage is equal to the account leverage, while Silver leverage is 4 times lower than the account leverage. Example: Suppose your account has a leverage of 1:100. Your leverage for Gold will be 1:100 and for Silver 1:25.